What You Should Know Before Buying Pierre Silber Products

Knowing whether you’re buying from a reputable brand as well as how they address customer issues is incredibly important when shopping in the online and offline world.

So, if you’re trying to decide there’s any risk involved with buying Pierre Silber’s stuff, then this article will help you come to a pretty clear conclusion.

Who and What Is Pierre Silber

Pierre Silber is the genius behind the brand. He studied at San Jose State University, and is familiar with the San Francisco bay area where the company first started and has since grown to provide quality shoes and service for over 25 years.

Now, if this sounds like an ad to you, I gotta tell ya that it’s not. The company is legit, and I’ve dug up enough info on them to back that up.

Pierre Silber Logo

They have over 20, 000 sq ft of warehouse space, which means that they stock most of the merchandise on site. This explains why they offer fast shipping and delivery on all the products you see online; it’s because they already have them in store.

The Pierre Silber store itself has between 11 and 50 employees, or so I’ve heard, and they specialize in feminine apparel, accessories, and shoes.

They have a head office, warehouse, and main store all at the same address in Gilroy California. Also, side note, they were the Runner ups in the Best of Silicon Valley Reader Survey Awards.

Pierre Silber on Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest

Let’s talk about their presence on social media.

There isn’t one.

Well, actually, that’s not fair. There are a few sorta active social media accounts but there’s more activity on Pinterest from Pierre Silber enthusiasts than from the brand itself.

Their Twitter account has about 100 followers, and the last post was in October of 2015; so that’s probably not the best place to go for updates, promotions, or coupons.

Pierre Silber Twitter Page

As for their Facebook account, we can see that it’s a little more active, but again their last official post was in 2015. One thing to keep in mind is that the page is still up, so you’ll probably be able to contact them via Facebook Messenger or connect with one of the 1207 Facebook followers.

Pierre Silber's Facebook Page

Lastly, if you’re looking to contact Pierre Silber on a professional level, or reach out to him in a way other than email, he also has a LinkedIn profile that you can try.

Pierre Silber’s Boots, Costumes, and Heels Are the Top Sellers

Yup, that’s basically a summary of everything they sell.

They are well known for offering Halloween costumes, over 200 different styles of shoes, over 500 different styles lingerie, and a bunch of other accessories.

In fact, according to SFStation, Pierre Silber boasts of having the “sexiest shoes on the internet”, but I’d say that’s for you to judge.

Pierre Silber's Heels on Plus Size Heels

A large portion of their heels are in the 6 inch high club, and that includes all of their thigh high boots.

In addition to that, they sell a ton of corsets, bustier, bras, panties, leather clothing, pvc, and latex too, so you can create an entire look by just visiting one of their stores.

In their old Santa Clara store, they use to have a section called Area 51, which held clearance shoes that were under $20. It’s possible that their new store has a similar section, so comment down below if you’ve seen it with you own eyes.

Where to Find Pierre Silber’s Products

Lemme hand it to you straight…

There are 3 ½ places where you can find Pierre Silber boots, costumes, and heels.

1. In store at the Gilroy Location

If you live in or near the Santa Clara area, you can head over to their store on:

383 1st Street. Second Floor, Gilroy California. 95020

The store is open year round, and they accept returns in person, but you’ll have to check their hours of operation before heading over.

Quick Pros & Cons Before You Head There

Pro: You get to try things on immediately, and walk away with your purchase.

Cons: You’ll have to get there, and you may not get to see everything they have to offer.

2. Online on Amazon

Yes, that’s right, Pierre Silber does offer products on Amazon, but the options are so limited it kinda hurts.

There are about 25 products available on Amazon ranging from $41 – $99.

This includes 3 accessories, 2 pieces of lingerie, 1 dress, and the rest are all shoes,


yes, this is an extra run on sentence …

ANNND the stock is very limited. Limited meaning that many items have less than 5 available in stock and ready to ship.

Quick Pros and Cons to Recap

Pro: It’s Amazon, so it’s easy to add items to your weekly shopping list.

Cons: Basically the whole paragraph above

3. On the Pierre Silber Website

Pierre Silber Website Hompage

The website has been up and running since 2007, so, it works and you can definitely place your order there.

Pros: The website has everything they offer, so you’ll get to browse all of their options without leaving the comfort of wherever it is that you are.

Cons: It’s difficult to filter through all of their products. So, you’ll have to go through all the pages, and even then, it’s hard to tell if something new has been added or not.

3.5 On Plus Size Heels

Yup, you knew this was coming, so that’s why this counts as a half.

On Plus Size Heels you’ll be able to filter through most of Pierre Silber’s heels, and boots by color, shoe size, and shoe type.

Pros: Our website shows almost everything Pierre Silber offers with regards to shoes and boots. It also allows you to narrow down your selection by color and sizes, and then when you’re ready, it brings you directly to the official Pierre Silber page for that item.

Cons: Plus Size Heels only showcases the boots, and heels, and occasionally outfit ideas with their costumes, so you’d still have to go to the main site for costumes and lingerie.

So now that you’ve got some idea about Pierre Silber, where to find them on social media, and where to buy their products, we can get into the nitty gritty drama of reviews.

Pierre Silber Reviews

In an effort to make this fair, these reviews were taken from a variety of sources (which are linked below). I’ve done my best to gather the most recent reviews, so we go.

Santa Clara Store Reviews

Despite the two 5 star reviews on Google for their older location, most of the recent in-store reviews seem to be on yelp.

4 Star Review ⭐⭐⭐⭐

“this is an amazing store with a wide selection in all areas I highly recommend it I’ve been shopping here for years”

Lori C 7/14/2016

Another 4 Star Review ⭐⭐⭐⭐

“Not sure why they’re located on the middle of nowhere on a corner, but whatever. Don’t expect an actual store with AC running…it’s just a warehouse with half filled with boxes and the other half with costumes, shoes, and lingerie displayed looking like a run down shop. Sorry, no toys. Lady who helped me was really nice and gave me a great deal.

Costumes are cheaper than spirit and party city(not as wide variety like party city or spirit), but not always in perfect condition. You’ll notice little things like a bead or two missing like my costume. The fitting room is a tiny boarded up room, but nbd for me. There’s uh..something that’s like a stocking/nylon body suit where your nipples would be visible when worn (think intimate/austin powers getting it on song/Adam and eve clothing). Parking is weird, costumes affordable, I hope to never have to deal with the horrendous owner other yelpers mentioned. The costumes I saw looked like they can range from atleast $10 or more. Try here if you’re on a budget, you might get lucky.”

Jessica T 10/19/2015

Oh Drama – 1 Star Review ⭐

“I wanted to purchase my costume early this year and be done with the whole process. I bought a costume on 9/20 from here and changed my mind a week later. I understand their return policy is exchange only. However it is not October 10 and I have been calling and physically going in every week to be told that they don’t have any of the other options I’ve asked for in store. With their sales rep telling me every week to try again next week. I am seriously tired of driving to this tiny over heated little store. I will never shop here again. I am still waiting for them to order my costumes in my size after my fourth trip to the store and after the manager refused to just refund me. At this point I’ve spent more in gas and time then what the stupid costume was worth. I really hope the costumes being ordered work out as I still have to wait to try them on. Leaving me with a last minute costume, when I started this process September 20th. Horrible customer service, extremely minimal options, and repulsive store policies. At least I’ve done my part in warning others. If you find a costume here you better love it. Or your fucked.”

Nicole C 10/10/2015 who checked in at the store on Yelp before posting the reiview

Read More Pierre Silber Reviews on Yelp

Pierre Silber Facebook Reviews

On Facebook they’re generally well liked. They’ve managed to earned a 4.5 out of 5 stars on average from 87 people.

Here are three reviews taken straight from Facebook.

4 Star Review ⭐⭐⭐⭐

“It been a good many years since Pierre Silber was located in the San Jose area the very day when I found them working in back of a Kenny’s Shoe Store I believe was on Stevens Creek blvd through the months or years they have been relocating in different area stores but at that time did what I could to follow them .Pierre Silber was one of the best stores I have ever shopped they have great stuff , every time I went there I felt very comfortable great service and friendly people .Thank you all .”-

Daniel Holmes January 16 2019

Lonely 1 Star Review ⭐

“Horrible customer service! We will never order from this company again! We ordered some items for a special event, was given a confirmation number and tracking number. After TWO weeks of waiting, items hadn’t been shipped out. The tracking number given didn’t even track the packages. We missed the event because what we ordered was needed. This company didn’t even have the decency to even attempt to contact us by phone or email to let us know of any delays or problems with shipment. Unprofessional company. Never again!”

George Wilkerson

A Full 5 Star Review ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

“They have always provided great customer service to me, and their selection of styles of shoes for tall gurls is wonderful!”

Tatjana Love

Read Pierre Silber’s Reviews on Facebook

One thing to note is that both the good and bad reviews go unaddressed by the brand; comment below what you think about brands not responding to customers on social media.

Pierre Silber Product Reviews from Amazon

These reviews are taken from a few of their products on Amazon.

Pictures of Pierre Silber Heels from Amazon Review

“First let me say I have large feet (mens size 10 1/2-11) and these shoes fit perfect in size 13. That being said I can’t imagine someone with petite feet wearing a heel this high comfortably. I can walk and move around in these ok but they are more for fun. They are well made and the packaging on my shoes was very nice. Shoes come in their own bags so they can’t scuff each other and there’s also a foam insert dividing the box.”

Mike Feb 12 2019

“Whoa… Showstoppers

After trying a couple of pairs of newer Pleaser styles and finding the fit not that great for me, I bought these Pleaser Domina 212 heels. They look fantastic, showing just a hint of pedicure. And the heel… They measure in at 5.5″ at the back, and while it’s a bit less than the advertised 6″ it still looks fantastic and I don’t find it a problem to walk in them.

Fit is pretty good. My feet measure in at 12.5 wide, and these in a 13m fit fine in length but are a bit snug in the width. I’ve had other Pleaser Domina and Seduce heels in the past and the fit is about the same, and I expect these will stretch out a little too with wear, and I’m sure a 14 would be good in width but too long to stay on.

Now, if they came in other colors, I’d have a closet full of them.”

Daxx – June 17 2015

“Not for standing/long time wear ;)”

Coral June 17 2018

As you can see, they’re still an active store, and people are loving the product.

Read Pierre Silber Reviews on Amazon

Where to Get Pierre Silber Coupons

So about ‘dem’ coupon codes …

There’s not that many that actually work because all promotions are taken off products on the website or in store, and do not require a specific coupon code.

That being said, you can get super discounts on costumes during October, and they also offer a 110% price match guarantee

In addition to that, our Insider’s Club members get exclusive coupon codes and offers every month for brands like Pierre Silber, so you should definitely consider joining if you’re on the hunt for good deals.

Lastly, you can also sign up for Pierre Silber’s email list, which sends notifications about promotions once a week, but it’s on various items, there aren’t any special promo codes sent by email as mentioned above, and the unformatted email might be a bit harsh on the eyes.

So there you have it, all that I know about Pierre Silber.

Have you shopped at the main store, or bought any of their products online?

What were your thoughts?

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