Payless Shoes is Closing: The 10 Best Stores for Plus Size Heels

Did you hear the news?

Payless Shoes is closing… for good.

The question is: How will you find plus size heels now?

Read on. Here below, you get the best tips on how and where to find beautiful plus size heels that fit you.

Let’s dive right in.

Payless shoes is closing image of closed store above payless shoe store alternatives

You used to shop at Payless Shoes. Now what?

You might have seen it in the news. Payless ShoeSource is closing all stores permanently.

What does this mean?

If you wear plus size shoes, you might feel panic creeping in.

After all, Payless was one of the few stores that offered trendy and affordable shoes for larger feet.

And let’s face it… As someone who needs bigger shoes, you can’t rely on just any store. In fact, most of them don’t even try to offer anything that resembles trendy plus size shoes.

So, where should you shop now that Payless is out of business?

Where can you find trendy and gorgeous shoes without paying a fortune for them?

Good news: There ARE alternatives to Payless Shoes.

In fact, you might be surprised to see how many options there are.

Listed below, you’ll find the best stores that offer exactly what Payless used to offer: beautiful shoes for larger feet.

What are the alternatives to Payless Shoes?

So, what are your options now that Payless Shoes is closing?

Believe it or not, there are even better stores that sell plus size shoes.

The trick is to know where to look.

After all, online stores can feel like a jungle.

A few trustworthy stores with plus size shoes that work as alternatives to Payless? Here you go:

Stores That Offer Plus Size Shoes

The best stores for you who want to find plus size, feminine shoes? Here are some of my favorites. All of them offer quality shoes at good prices… Without making it hard for us who wear sizes 10-16 to find shoes that fit us. First, you’ll find the more obvious choices and if you keep reading, you’ll find my best, secret gems.

#1: DSW

You already know DSW… But did you know that the store offers bigger shoe sizes? Yes, DSW offers shoes up to size 13. Many of these shoes are basic, everyday shoes.  

#2: is another well-known site that offers everyday, basic shoes. Sizes go up to size 13.5.

#3: Nordstrom

Did you know that Nordstrom offers plus size heels? It’s true. And they’re gorgeously fashionable and chic. Nordstrom’s shoe selection includes different brands- affordable to exclusive. Yes, that’s right. You can even find brands like Louboutin in bigger sizes.

#4: FSJ Shoes

Funny she jill (FSJ Shoes), a shoe store that launched in 1998, designs and manufactures its shoes before shipping them worldwide. FSJ Shoes offers stylish and qualitative shoes in the $60-$150 price range. You can even add your own customization options, such as a leather upgrade.

#5: Torrid

Next, Torrid is a fashion brand for sizes 10 to 30. Thankfully, its selection of shoes includes beautiful and fashionable plus size heels. The site offers everything from basic shoe models to more creative heels.

#6: Pierre Silber

Pierre Silber is an online shoe store that offers sexy shoes for bigger feet. Pierre Silber’s selection includes sizes that go up to size 16. The prices are affordable, around $30-$80. And the styles are amazing, with beautiful black high heels for every occasion.

#7: Privileged Shoes

Privileged Shoes offers basic, as well as quirky and original, shoes. Not all shoes come in bigger sizes, so you might need to do some digging, but it’s worth it for the unique shoe styles that you can find on the site.

#8: Lonia

Great news: There ARE stores out there that care for people who need plus size shoes. One of them is Lonia, an online store that specializes in offering bigger shoes (up to size 15). Its shoes are pretty and often unique with a great price tag- heels are priced at around $49 to $129.

#9: Shoe Freaks

Shoe Freaks offers shoes for all types of occasions- normal heels, party heels, wedding heels… Even shoes for wide feet. The prices range from around $90 to $150. And the styles are playful. If you’re looking for 5+ inch heels, this is your store.

#10: Totally Wicked Footwear

Totally Wicked Footwear offers shoes up to size 16. The best part? This shop offers both practical shoes you can wear to work, as well as sexy boots and heels. The price tags aren’t unreasonable- $49 and up.

#11: Smash Shoes

Smash Shoes offers shoes up to size 12. Here, you find different types of boots and heels, whether you’re looking for sexy thigh boots or heels that you can wear to work.  

But while these stores offer beautiful shoes in bigger sizes, you can make your search even easier. That is, with our search engine for plus size shoes. Here’s how you can use it to find the right shoes for you.

The Easiest Way to Find Plus Size Heels (sweat-free!)

Here on our site, Plus Size Heels, you can find various online retailers that offer trendy, cute, and sexy heels in women’s size 11 and up and that ship internationally.

Search for your size and any other preferences.

You can chat with their friendly chatbot AndrAIa to find shoes you like or you can filter your results by…

Shoe size (sizes 11-16), shoe type (stilettos, sandals, pumps…), color, price, and a selection of stores.

Then, you get a selection of shoes that come in exactly what you’re looking for.

That’s it! Now you know where and how to find your shoes.

But what are some things you should consider when shopping for plus size heels?

Read on for some of our best tips.

The Best Ways to Shop Plus Size Heels

What should you look out for when shopping for plus size heels?

After all, Payless was a trusted brand and you knew exactly what you got.

But now that Payless Shoes is closing…? How can you be sure that the shoes you buy are high-quality shoes?

What to Look Out for when Shopping Online for Larger Shoes


What should you look out for in a store that sells plus size shoes?


First things first:

Look at the store’s reviews to see if it’s a store that lives up to its promises. But not only that. Most stores feature product reviews on their sites. Are other customers happy with their plus size shoes?


Does the company ship to where you live? Check your shipping options before buying your shoes.

Hidden Fees

Does the shop add on fees at checkout? If yes (unless these are extra services), you might want to shop elsewhere.


Is it easy to search for shoes on the shop’s website? So, can you check size and style without having to go through pages and pages to find the right fit?

How to Shop Beautiful Plus Size Shoes

You CAN find plus size heels that look amazing. (Just like Maria Sharapova’s size 11 heels.)

But how do you know which style to go for?

Obviously, this depends on what you like. But here are a few tips for ladies who want to find flattering shoes:

#1: Shoes for wide feet.

Do you have wide feet?

Then, you know your shoes can quickly become uncomfortable. Look for leather shoes that let your feet breath, preferably with adjustable straps. Round-toed shoes are usually a more comfortable option for you.

Avoid patent leather and hard materials, like plastic. These materials don’t stretch as leather does and your shoes will feel uncomfortable.

#2: Shoes for wide ankles.

If you have wide ankles, avoid ankle straps as they widen your ankles. Slingback shoes are a good option for you.

#3: Shoes for short legs.

If you have short legs and want them to appear longer, go for nude shoes. They make your legs look longer. Avoid ankle straps as they make your legs look shorter.

#4: Shoes for long feet.

Are your feet extra long? Go for round-toed shoes, as pointy shoes make your feet look even longer.

#5. Difficulty walking in heels.

Maybe you find it difficult to walk in heels, but you don’t want to compromise on style?

In that case, look for wedge heels or a t-strap and an adjustable buckle. Both of these styles make your heels more comfortable and stable. A big no-no? High stiletto heels, as they are more unstable than other heels.

Want even more ideas? Chat with us.

So, there you have it. These are the best alternatives now that Payless Shoes is closing.

In fact, these stores don’t just replace Payless. Instead, they offer even more styles and options at good prices.

Want even more suggestions?

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