FSJ Shoes Review: Read This Before Buying Anything

Before you hit that buy button on FSJ, you need to know exactly what to expect with regards to their customer service, shipping policies, and real FSJ shoe reviews.

In this article, we’ll give you everything you need to know before making a purchase on FSJshoes.com.

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Quick FSJ History & Credibility Check

FSJ entered the shoe market early in 1998 hoping to make quality fashionable shoes at a competitive price. Their plans worked because by 2010 they had 3 large shoe factories (including one in Las Vegas) and a team of worldwide designers.

But ever wonder what the letters FSJ stand for?

It’s an acronym for ‘Funny she jill’ which means ‘innovative and adventurous modern woman’ with the added symbolism of pursuing fashion and vitality.

Their target market includes people who want to wear feminine and fearlessly fashionable yet high quality shoes, but are also keeping an eye out for the price.

Signed PayPal certificate for FSJ Shoes showing that they are no Paypal elite merchants.

Although they’ve been in business since 1998, they only first came online in 2015. Despite coming to the web a little later, they earned the trust of Paypal early on, and even received a Paypal Certificate of being an Elite Merchant.

Most Popular Products on FSJ

If you’re already familiar with the brand, then you know they’re all about shoes that go up to size 16.

The most popular shoes on their site are bridal stilettos, sleek open toe sandals, and anything with a little embellishment.

That being said, they also offer regular flats, thigh-high boots, and fashionable mules.

Two things you may not already know about them, is that they offer 2 interesting options for shoes.

The first, is the ability to customize any shoe your order from them, in almost anyway you please.

Custom shoe options on FSJ Shoes

Under the size option for every FSJ shoe, you’ll be able to find a custom option button that allows you to specify exactly what you want done.

The second option you may not know of already, is that they have a design program that allows you to design your own shoes and sell it via their platform.

There are a few designers using their platform, and many more who are reselling their shoes under their designer brand name on other places like Amazon and eBay.

All You Need to Know About FSJ Shipping

Alright, let’s start with the countries they ship to.

Think about the country you’re from and the first letter in your country’s name.

Now, if it falls between A to Z, then you’re good to go.

list of countries that fsj shoes ships to

They do in fact offer worldwide shipping, so regardless of what part of the world you’re in, you can expect to get some shoes.

FSJ Shipping Providers And To Expect Your Shoes

Processing Time

Starting with order processing, the time to process an order can range from 3 to 7 business days.

However, in my personal experience it has never gone over 3 days, but then again, I’ve never ordered during one of those big gift giving holidays like Christmas.

FSJ Shipping Methods & Delivery Times

They offer two shipping methods; free and express.

The express option ranges from $9 to $25 depending on where you are and what service they use.

I remember getting packages from them via UPS and DHL, so check your order for which shipping provider they’re using. It really varies based on your location, and what shipping providers are nearby.

I usually go for the Express method because I’m too impatient to wait 20+ days for the free shipping.

Express shipping takes about 5 to 15 days to get to you; I’ve noticed it takes about 7 for me.

With my most recent order, placed on April 25, it took 6 business days in total to receive my order. [quote]

FSJ Shoes order confirmation email with tracking number and date

Beware of the Extra Fees When Using Express Shipping!

They sent my 2 pairs of shoes in 2 separate UPS shipments, so I had to pay about $25 extra on each package because of silly international customs fees.

I doubt you’ll have to pay any extra fees if you use the free shipping method.

FSJ Customer Service & Responsiveness

Before going all FSJ crazy and adding all their shoes to my wish list and the Plus Size Heels website, I wanted to make sure they truely offered heels in larger sizes.

We’ve all been to those sites, or stores that say they have your size, but then when you try it on, it’s 3 sizes too small.

So, in August 2018, I sent them an email with questions about sizing before placing an order.

email to FSJ shoes customer service with request for shoe size help

And holy cow did they respond quickly; I received a response from them in the next 3 hours!

We ended up doing a back-and-forth exchange with me measuring my feet, taking pictures with a measuring tape, and then sending it back in.

At the end they suggested the size that would fit me best.

Honestly, I was floored!
A lot of these big companies have gone into automated responses or just send you a link to their sizing chart, but FSJ Shoes actually cared. And for that, I’ll give them 5 stars.

Leeann Downes, Founder of Plus Size Heels

When the shoe arrived, did it fit?

Technically, yes, but my dumb bum fell so in love with the designs that I forgot my own preferences for toe and shoe types.

I got these beautiful bad boys.

And another pair of open toe sandals that I can’t find the picture of.

The top two shoes fit, but were a little tight.

I hobbled around in both once or twice, because beauty is pain, and then I donated them to a worthy cause.

This time around, I re-ordered the second shoe in a larger size and I decided not to re-order the first one because I haven’t trained my feet to be triangles yet.

FSJ Shoes Reviews

Now, you’ve heard a bit about my personal experience with FSJ Shoes, so let’s look at some other FSJ Shoes Reviews.

FSJ Reviews on FSJShoes.com

Let’s start with some FSJ Reviews from their website.

On their page you can only see recent 5 star reviews.

Here are 3 of the most recent reviews.

FSJ Shoe Review heels on FSJshoes.com

“Bought this shoe as a gift for my lady. It is an awesome beautiful pair of shoes. Unfortunately it ran a little small and there were no more sizes available. When I contacted the seller on a return, they just gave me the other shoes. I highly recommend this seller for their products and customer service, Again, it’s a beautiful shoe!!!!” – Tanika, 04/28/2019

FSJ Shoe Review spotted start heels on FSJshoes.com

“The shoes fit well and are surprisingly comfortable for being so inexpensive.” – Frances 04/29/2019

FSJ Shoe Review light brown heels on FSJshoes.com

“I bought these shoes for my daughter’s prom and they were perfect. The picture on the website doesn’t do them justice. They fit true to size.” – Lawlyholly 05/02/2019

Bad FSJ Shoe Reviews on Better Business Bureau

Despite all the great reviews above, the FSJ Shoe Reviews on the BBB site say otherwise.

BBB Bad Review for FSJ Shoes
FSJ Shoe Review that is Bad on BBB
Bad FSJ Shoes Review

One thing to keep in mind is that these reviews are from last year. When this article was written, there were no reviews for 2019.

Mixed Reviews for FSJ Shoes on Trust Pilot

The reviews for FSJ Shoes on Trust Pilot aren’t any better than those on BBB, but they are more recent.

1 Star Review ★

“Wish I had looked up this site before ordering from FSJ. Buyer beware, DO NOT order from them. Customer service is horrible, shoes are cheap, poor quality, don’t fit, don’t look like what is advertised online, reek of chemical smell. Paid for 3 pairs, they shipped one and shipped 2nd after I complaint and filed complaints against them. Still waiting for 3rd pair (I paid for these already!!!) so I can box them up and return them for a full refund. Worst vendor EVER>” – Soverylucky13, May 3 2019

1 Star Review ★

“The most dishonest company. Order some shoes, took 3 months to get them and they looked absolutely nothing like the photo. Returned them with my money within the 30 days and never received a refund.” – Sary Lam, April 22 2019

3 Star Review ★★★

“I purchased a pair of Champagne colour Rhinestone Wedding Sandals A chain hooks across the ankle area. I truely love these sandals but one of the hooks has fallen off. I have taken them to a shoe repairer and they will not touch them, I also went to a dress maker to see if they had something suitable as a normal hook is too fine and will not do the job. So, I got in touch with FSJ they wanted the invoice and ID # etc. all of which I was able to produce. They told me it was outside of their refund or replacement time frame. I replied: I only want a few replacement hooks so I can have the shoe/s repaired here in Australia. They have refused. So now I only get to wear the sandals once. 🙁 Very annoyed and frustrated by their level of care.”Greg Kreiger, Jan 7 2019

YouTube Reviews for FSJ Shoes

Alright, so we’ve seen some angry reviews and some great ones, but let’s get to reviews that are more reliable and trustworthy. Here are 3 YouTube Reviews for FSJ Shoes from Youtubers you can trust.

She has made a sponsored video on FSJ Shoes in the past, but I this one isn’t sponsored.

This video is old, and the quality isn’t the best, but at least it’s a real review.

Reliable FSJ Shoe Reviews on Amazon

Amazon reviews are usually trustworthy because it requires a purchase in order to leave a review. Here are 3 FSJ Shoe reviews on Amazon from 3 different products.

5 Star Review ★★★★★

FSJ Shoe Review black heels on Amazon 2
FSJ Shoe Review black heels on Amazon

“Beautiful pair of dupes (you kno who). They are tall but doable… I wear an 11 and ordered and same …. I can’t wait to wear them … I’ve tried them on 3X’s already to make sure I can dance in them…. I will definitely order again Amazing Customer service…” – Tmjaxn, March 28 2019

5 Star Review ★★★★★

“What a shoe!!! It looks even better in person! This shoe is an absolute show stopper. The quality and detail exceeded my expectations. Thank you!!!!” – Marla Brown, April 26 2019

Five Star Review ★★★★★

“Beautiful! Shipping took 3 months, so plan for that.” Violet Heer, April 10 2018

Recap of My Honest Review of FSJ Shoes

I’d give them a five star review ★★★★★ .

I didn’t try their return policy or anything like that, so I can’t review that process, but I can review the products I received and the experience.

When it comes to express shipping and customer service, I’d give them 5 stars because they delivered both my orders within 7 days, which honestly is surprising.

In addition to that, when I contacted them about shoe sizing, they were super responsive, and offered personalized help.

The shoes I received were of a higher quality than what I expected, and they looked so damn good, I wore them even though they were a size too small.

How to Avoid Problems When Ordering with FSJ Shoes

Nobody wants to order something online and then have to return it because it just doesn’t fit right. 

Follow these tips to make sure you order once and receive exactly what you want.

Check The Size Chart

Please, for the love of all good things, look at the size chart for every store you order from.

Just because you’re a size 13 in one store, doesn’t mean that the measure of another’s store’s size 13 will work for you.

You need to get as detailed as bringing out that measuring tape and verifying that the centimeters and inches match up with the size you’re ordering.

This is exactly why I emailed FSJ Shoes because I noticed a discrepancy in their sizing chart and my actual measurement.

For FSJ Shoes in particular, take a picture of your feet with the measuring tape, and send them a message for extra help if you need it.

FSJ Shoes Size Chart

Read the Friggen Shoe Reviews Before Adding it To Your Cart

Okay, so aside from general reviews, you need to check the individual product reviews.

Those reviews will tell you important things such as, if the shoe fits a little larger than they expected, if the material is a little stretchy, and other things that will make or break the deal.

Individual FSJ Shoe Product Review

Likewise, you’ll be able to see photos of the image to verify if it’s something you still want.

In addition to that, when you do buy a product, and use it, please review it. We all need your reviews to make smarter decisions.

Look at the Shoe With the Eye of a Shoe Critique

Once you’ve checked your size and the reviews you need to take another look at the shoe from a critical perspective.

Try your best to answer these questions:

  1. What is the material? Have I worn shoes of this material before? Does it look like it will last?
  2. What is the toe type? Do I normally wear this toe type? Do I make any adjustments when I buy shoes with this toe type?
  3. What kind of heel is it? Have I worn this style of heel before? Can I walk in these?

Think About the Shipping

If you want the free shipping option, be prepared for long freaking wait times. Some reviews above have even mentioned that it took 3 months!

Now, this isn’t completely FSJ’s fault.

I’ve ordered things from a nearby country and had to wait 3 months for the product because the default shipping options are usually garbage.

Now, I’m not going to rant about Canada Post or USPS, but I am going to say that mail gets lost often, and they usually don’t really care about it. I’ve even had insured packages lost in the mail, in which a default shipper just said, “oh, there’s not much we can do, but we can give you $100 (to keep quiet about it)”.

So yeah, think about shipping, but also remember that if you choose express shipping, you may get hit with extra customs fees.

FSJ Shipping Method for Canada

So, if you do all of that, you’ll have a much higher chance of getting exactly what you want, and avoiding the whole annoying returns process on your order.

TLDR of FSJ Shoe Reviews:
Should you buy from FSJ Shoes after all?

Yes, their shoes are hot and you can get knock off designer shoes that are still high quality, at a fraction of the price.

Like with every business out there, there are good and bad reviews.

The customer service is generally responsive if you contact them by their appropriate email and phone number.

And finally, the free shipping takes a long time, but the express shipping can get you your shoes within 8 days.

So, what’s your take on FSJ Shoes?

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