Closing Sale! Size 11 Heels at Le Chateau?

Le Chateau, is a store with all the prettiest dresses and some of the cutest heels I’ve ever seen, but I’ve never really been able to find shoes in my size, let alone shoes in my budget.

That is, until this one day I noticed one nearby was having a giant sale. This wasn’t a usual sale, no, no, it was a closing sale. So, of course, I wander in, to see what’s left and chat with the staff. The store still looks pretty full, and there’s not much of a sale happening despite their impending closure.

I don’t even look at the shoes because I’m so use to stores like these stopping at a size 10, or accidentally getting a 10W and calling it an 11 or 12. However, a few weeks before the shop closes I pop in again just to see what’s up and if I can snag a few holiday gifts for dirt cheap before that whole holiday shopping madness begins.

Then, there, right on the shelf, was this lonely size 11 black heel. 

Meh, it’s worth a shot right?

I begin to hunt for the other shoe, only to discover that this store is PACKED with size 11 shoes from Le Chateau and their vendors. HOLY COW! 

It was me and one other petite lady in the store, but I started hoarding those size 11 boxes of heels like it was the end of the shoe production era.  And as you can see, this was only a hint of what this store had to offer. Here’s the math of what happened next…

Plentiful, Sexy, Comfy & Affordable Prices
 Size 11 Heels from Le Chateau

R.I.P wallet (you served your time well)

The moral of this story is… if you see a store closing sign… anywhere… just go in and look for your size. Who knows, you might strike out with your own pair(s) of hot size 11 heels from Le Chateau!

What about you?
Have you found heels by chance?

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